Hi, I'm Juan Carlos, and on this website, you will find out what I have done in the last 20 years.Born and raised in Venezuela, I've lived in Panama, the United States, and Spain.I'm an economist who has worked developing businesses with global reach in areas such as logistics, operations, and mobility; I'm obsessed with energy and monetary topics. I am a devoted practitioner of tsundonku and occasionally record a podcast about Hispanic-American history, another of my interests.

As a Founder

In 2007, I had the opportunity to launch the first logistics firm solely dedicated to handling non-traditional products (samples, prototypes, dangerous goods, confidential products, raw materials) for industries such as consumer goods, food and beverages, and chemicals.For more than a decade, I was in charge of operations, handling various materials for projects involving at least 12 different billion-dollar brands. More than 20 plants and 7 R&D centers from around the world were involved in these projects.TBTB Global is a 4PL based in Panama that works with very large companies that do business all over the world.I left the company in 2018.

As Business Developer

I've been working in mobility since 2018, prospecting and managing relationships with various European municipal councils and regional agencies.I've been involved in creating the offers for major public bike sharing tenders in cities such as Manchester, Vienna, Warsaw, Malaga, Gdansk, Gijón, Bizkaia, Rio de Janeiro, Santander, Tallinn, Riga, and Budapest.My primary focus has been on opportunities to expand mobility services, primarily in Europe, as well as on developing market intelligence studies on micromobility trends, competitors, and regulators.I've worked as a Project Manager for scooter and bike launches spanning Poland and Portugal (Germany, Austria, Greece, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain).

Atlantic Sourcing

Atlantic Sourcing is a company created to help food producers in Latin America sell their goods in Europe and Asia.Our work relies on using data science to get in touch with hundreds of possible buyers in each of the target countries.We look at trade data, customs data, and the potential byproducts that could be adopted. Then, we crafts texts that are appealing to the buyer, which makes him more likely to open the emails and keep in touch with the producer.This helps us build long-term relationships and keeps producers from making only spot sales.

Madrid Championship

I am part of a fantastic team that works every year on the Madrid Championship, one of the world's largest CrossFit events, which will host nearly 3,000 athletes in 2023.My role is to deal with brands, exhibitors, and sponsors on behalf of the organization. However, because this is an activity I enjoy so much, we do a little bit of everything.